Rental search

Renting is becoming increasingly popular. It gives people the freedom to move regularly but is often the second choice of people who just aren’t able to buy at that time. Let’s face it, finding a rental property can be a nightmare, especially as property portals are invariably out of date and the property has almost certainly been let before you click on it.
Our aim is to help people find great rentals and help them through the process, which is increasingly complex. With such high demand for rental properties, gazumping and lack of stock is rife.
Finding a rental property takes enormous amounts of time and a great deal of luck in most instances.

Landlords are now in the position of having a glut of possible tenants and it can lead to great disappointment and frustration.

Contracts if not carefully looked at can be overly biased towards the Landlord not the tenant. As experts in the field it is our job to secure the best properties at the best price and on the best terms for our clients. In the most stress free way possible.

We charge one months rental to handle the whole process. From finding the properties, viewing them with you, negotiating and attending the inventory checks- we are there to support you from the beginning and until after you move in.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs – no obligation (0)330 022 9307