We are our clients ‘concierge service’ for buying property in the UK

not only sourcing and advising on best properties, accessing off-market properties but for taking care of all the ‘hassle factors’ surrounding the purchase too.

There is no doubt that buying property in the UK can be a lucrative long term investment but like all investment’s it has to be the right one and for that you need expert advice. If you are looking for just an investment property, a home or a pied a terre in London the same principle applies, there are pitfalls that need to be avoided and you need expert help on the ground to guide you through.

At BDI Home Finders we have worked closely over many years with overseas clients. Each search is bespoke to the individual client’s needs, taking into account the lack of availability to view and that most clients are not knowledgable about area’s or UK purchasing practices. Most of our client’s also need our help in sourcing lawyers, financiers, tradespeople and in the event of investment property, advice on the property management moving forward.

From sourcing properties, organising and accompanying on property viewings (we can also organise video tours) to handling the purchase process with lawyers and financiers. Until the keys are in our clients hands, we are our clients eyes, ears and support on the ground. And we do it very professionally.

Many people come to us and say ‘but I can get the same service from an Estate Agent’. Wrong, it is important to understand that Estate Agents only work for the seller. It is their role to act in the seller’s best interests as they are paying their fee. It is their job to get the highest price for their clients. Also each Estate Agent will only be able to show you properties that they have been instructed on, therefore in a small part of London you would need to be talking to easily a dozen Estate Agents to access a reasonable part of the available property.

Buying Agents, particularly in London are becoming the norm. Estate Agents are far more likely to sell to buyers who have a Buying Agent as they are reassured that our clients are focussed and in a position to proceed. They prefer the fact that any purchase will be managed professionally through us and that they will not have to deal directly with overseas buyers. Bottom line, estate agents want an easy life, they want to be sure that the buyer is ‘good’ and that the purchase process will be as efficient as possible –  leaving non-represented buyers at a severe disadvantage.

From us you will get the very best advice on what to buy and far more importantly, what not to buy. We are not here to sell you properties, we are here to help you buy the very best.

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