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The Process

After an initial discussion we meet with all of our prospective clients at their homes or at a convenient location to fully discuss our service and to talk through individual needs.

The first part of the process is what we call ‘the orientation’ an essential part of the process in order to kickstart the search effectively. This entails at least one day out with your personal Consultant looking at properties within the parameters of the wider search. This is a tried and tested way of ensuring we quickly learn our clients likes and dislikes so we can hone down to ideal properties as fast as possible. It also serves as an excellent real time understanding of the market within chosen areas and budget. There is no substitute for looking at properties together. Tick lists and Excel spreadsheets don’t work.

After orientation, we use what we have learned about our clients to go out and source what they want. We preview properties so as not to waste our clients time on wholly unsuitable properties.

We continue previewing and accompanying our clients to suitable properties until we have found ‘the one’.

Bear in mind that we will advise you just as often on what is not a good property as one that we believe is.

So, we have found ‘the one’. What next?
It is now our job to negotiate the best possible price and terms for you. We are experts in doing this not just through years of experience but also because our business-to-business relationship with Estate Agents allows us more insight. It is a matter of pride to make our service self-funding through tough negotiation.

At this stage we can recommend tried and tested Solicitors, Surveyors and Financial Advisers if clients required.


Through the purchase

The process of sales progression is increasingly taxing due to increased ‘paperwork’ necessary from Mortgage Lenders and Lawyers. We manage this for our clients by liaising with all parties and trouble-shooting through the tricky parts. Sourcing experts and tradespeople as necessary to address any issues.

For properties that require work we can recommend and organise quotations for reliable builders, interior designers and most other services required.

We work for and with our clients right up to handing over the keys.



With most of our clients we find their ideal property and have placed an offer within 6 weeks. However, we work at our clients speed and some of our clients like to take a more leisurely approach or are extremely time poor.

To support all of our clients properly our contract is for 9 months.



Retainer: £1500 +vat payable before commencement of work.

On exchange of contracts: 2% + vat of the purchase price

Minimum fee in addition to retainer on purchase. £10,000 +vat


Where we work

We cover the whole of London and the vast majority of the South-East of England.


What price ranges?

We have a minimum fee in order to be able to act for clients at all levels. We mainly work with clients above the £500k level but for investment properties do work at levels below that.


How we differ from other Buying Agents

None of the team work with more than two clients at any one time. A higher ratio, (sometimes up to 18 clients per consultant in the industry), simply means a high standard of service cannot possibly be delivered. Your personal Consultant should be, and with us will be, living and breathing your search and sales progression 24/7.

Our contract is for 9 months. Many in the industry will have 3 month contracts meaning that work will cease at that point.

Our fees are transparent and extremely competitive – we want to make our service accessible to as many buyers as possible.



Tracy Kellett, Managing Director, is highly respected within the property industry. Quoted extensively throughout the press, a judge on The Sunday Times Estate Agency Awards, a writer for Rightmove and winner of the Primelocation Favourite property blog 2010.

Our reputation is important and every one of our clients receives the highest possible service levels, whatever their budget.

Every search is different with personal nuances and issues. This is a bespoke service so please do call us to discuss your own personal situation. We are friendly, knowledgable and there is no obligation, we are always very happy to give advice if that is all you need.

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